Interactive Map

The VAULT OF HEAVEN is set in the vast world of Aeshau Vaal. Book One takes place in but a portion of the map below, which is itself only the eastlands of Aeshau Vaal. I actually commissioned the map below. Tor liked it so well that they¹re using it in the book. Though, I believe, it will be black and white in the book, which looks good, but I like the color version better. I admit, the map is hard to read, but there are clickable map tags that will give you more info, if you feel like exploring a bit. Over time, I¹ll add more history, more detail, and greater visibility into the world beyond the Bourne and past the Rim.

Check out the earlier draft of the map here.A few folks have asked if they can buy a print of the map of Aeshau Vall. The answer is yes.
Just send us an email, and we'll get 'er done.