Over the years, I've had a lot of great conversations with various writers. And sometimes, I've overheard conversations between two pro authors. Not long ago, I got to thinking how cool it would be to have some of these conversations and pseudo-interviews collected in one place. Gives me a chance to dig into the work of some great working writers, learn what makes them tick, and hopefully improve my own craft. With that in mind, this interviews page was born. A lot of interesting stuff coming, so check in from time to time.


Many of the interviews I've been fortunate enough to conduct have taken place by email. I actually rather enjoy doing them that way. They take a bit longer, but the back and forth usually results in some very cool virtual conversation. However, there's something to be said for face-to-face conversation, too. And when George R.R. Martin got set to do his tour in support of A Dance with Dragons, I was able to get some time with the man himself to chat on a variety of topics. Lest you be a noob, George is pretty much at the top of the epic fantasy genre right now. His A Song of Ice and Fire series is required reading. He's a New York Times bestseller, and quite frankly the most gracious writer I've met. On a personal level, I want to tell George thanks. His work and the advice he gave me, to put a fine point on it, have been inspiring. So, without further ado, check out my interview with George R.R. Martin.